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This award winning team of experienced builders are ready for your new domestic or commercial project. Prostruct is the right choice of builder for the complete range of building services. Concept and final designs, full documentation, Council approvals, all types of construction, swimming pools, landscaping and interior design are all available with Prostruct.


We put the wishes of the client first, and are the builder of choice to contact. We look forward to working with each and every client to help on any building project, large or small, and to achieve results that are truly exceptional. If you are looking for a builder that is willing to go the extra mile, look no further. You have found us. Please call today.

Building Services in Adelaide & throughout SA

Our building services, based in Adelaide, can help to make your commercial project or dream home a reality today. We understand that all projects are personal and are not just something that can be achieved overnight. However, we take a committed approach to working with deadlines, and view it as an integral part of our business to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Prostruct Building Services is truly a building firm with integrity and passion.

Superb Site Management & Housekeeping

High quality materials and workmanship

We believe minimising the intrusion on your life is our responsibility. We see our job as facilitating your dreams, and therefore leaving behind a mess is simply inexcusable. We always endeavour to get in, get the job done properly and leave only our finished work behind once we're done. Prostruct include the clean up. That's the way Prostruct Building Services operate!

We don't compromise and never accept second best when we do a project for one of our clients. The highest quality materials and workmanship are a prerequisite. We make sure that our techniques are at the cutting edge of the industry so that you are left with a completed commercial project or home that will last. We always endeavour to impress and give lasting satisfaction by the building services that we offer.

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